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Driver Bonuses & Programs

Pre-Scheduled Ride Bonus

Last modified 7.31.2022

    Effective date: 8/1/22

    Expiration date: 12/30/22

    JumpRydz is offering a $1000 bonus for 20 pre-scheduled rides per month completed between 8/1/22 & 12/30/22.

    The terms of this program (defined below) constitute a legal agreement between JumpRydz LLC and its subsidiaries, authorized persons, affiliated companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as " JumpRydz "), and Users as Transportation Service Providers participating in this program (hereinafter referred to as " Drive Team Member " or “DTM”).

    JumpRydz is a technology company, not a transportation service provider. The Drive Team Members each provide transportation services to other users of the JumpRydz platform [websites, mobile apps, or other relative products] herein known as “platform”. By participating in this program, you agree to these terms.

    • In order to qualify for the bonus you must:

      • Be an active DTM on the JumpRydz platform

      • Execute at least 20 pre-scheduled rides per month as a DTM through the JumpRydz Platform

    • Eligible rides must meet a minimum fare of $10 USD

    • All canceled rides are ineligible

    • Funds will be disbursed to you electronically via your Stripe account

    • Deposits may take 7-10 business days from your date of qualification

    • Once you reach your qualification you must contact support in your JumpRydz Driver App to request your bonus disbursement.

Driver Refer & Earn

Effective Dates: Ongoing

Refer a customer or a driver in-app and both of you get $10!


A customer referral will receive $10 JumpRydz cash to use towards future rides once they book their first ride. A driver referral will receive $10 added to their Stripe account once they have completed their DTM orientation and began working.

You will receive $10 added to your Stripe account once your referral has completed his/her/their requirements.

Customer Rewards & Programs

Refer & Earn

Effective Dates: Ongoing

Refer a friend and both of you get $5 JumpRydz Cash toward future rides!

When you refer a friend in-app and they book, you both get $5 JumpRydz Cash to use towards future rides! Refer as many friends as you want to help us expand and service more families.

New Customer Promo

Effective Dates: Ongoing

Get 12% off your first 4 rides!

Simply book your rides in-app and this promo deal is automatically added to your fare estimate.