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Join the JumpRydz  Ambassador Club

The JumpRydz Ambassador Club is an internship for students studying marketing or business that would like to experience a "hands-on" approach to new-age guerilla marketing.

Our program is simple

  • Sign up to become an Ambassador
  • Once approved, endure a 1.5 hr online training to learn about JumpRydz and how to market to rideshare drivers
  • Receive credit on your rideshare app to go take rides and share information about JumpRydz to the drivers
  • Share your experience on your social media and tag us
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Club Benefits

  • Extensive online training & support
  • A great opportunity to network with other students
  • JumpRydz T-shirt
  • Ride credit on your Uber or Lyft app
  • The ability to use your social media to market your experience
  • Internship credit

Apply Here!